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Welcome to our new electronic home.  We're excited to share with you the latest events, news relating to electric football , and of course what's happening within the United Electric Football League.
We're headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with founders located in Cincinnati, Columbus, OH, and Indianapolis, IN; although, rooted out of Hamilton, OH.  We welcome ALL who's interested in becoming apart of this historical league, which was originally founded in 1979.  This hobby-sport has help carry us over the years and we want to give back the wealth of blessings.
We have a special page dedicated for new coaches, called " New Coaches ". We want to equip you with enough information to help build that championship caliber team and experience the wealth of intangible benefits of electric football.

The primary focus of this web-site is to recruit new coaches into this exciting hobby-sport.  We are driven to make sure that your transition is much smoother than when we started.

Please visit us often for more information, tips, etc. to help you become a successful coach.  As we grow, hopefully you will experience the growth.


The New Championship Field Construction has been completed...